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    Air Jordan shoes series are far ahead of other products in the sales and market demand, and implement the design after another, more innovation and functionality reference year for the entire industry of sports shoes. The core product is the perfect combination of athletes and technology - the most dazzling history of basketball star Michael Jordan, and accompanied by the experience of the brilliant career of superstar basketball, sets obviously its relentless pursuit of functionality, innovation and success.

 Michael Jordan does not know can not influence the basketball superstar has long been limited to basketball in the NBA, his game, his mind, his products will allow us excited about the things there were too number. Air Jordan especially, we can say that are the most important part of an era, but also the culture of shoes.

AIR JORDAN has become a trend, a little low for a large number of people on the trapeze shoes, but not necessarily understand.
24 years later, Air Jordan basketball shoes series now seems to have become the world´s best basketball shoes series. 24 contained in the Spring and Autumn, Jordan has experienced two back and three retired, 24 contained in the Spring and Fall, Air Jordan series has gone through countless storms.

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